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Submitted on
July 27, 2006
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Camera Data

Canon EOS 20D
Shutter Speed
30/1 second
Focal Length
10 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 14, 2006, 7:56:40 AM
Gabarus by Dusk by ScottMoore Gabarus by Dusk by ScottMoore
I have been back to this lighthouse several times after first being there last september. The lighthouse isn't really anything special. It is small, the light inside it is only 100watts at most, it is looking pretty dirty by now, and there has just been an ugly building constructed about 40 metres away from it. The thing that caught my eye and kept me comming back to it is the land/seascape that it stands upon. the rock formations on the bank below it are amazing. I spent about an hour trying to make something of them with my camera and this has been one of the shots that I came away with. I haven't really shown them as well as I would like in this shot, but it is the best one I got with the lighthouse in the photo. I have every intention of going back there sometime and trying to get the photo right. One of the biggest reasons I didn't get what I wanted is because I'm a coward. It was getting pretty dark out there and the waves kept crashing off of the rocks and spraying water everywhere. I would have gone out further onto the ledge of the rocks If I wasn't a pansy, but what can you do eh. maybe next time I can have someone hold my hand as I fend off the ocean from trying to swallow me whole and take photos at the same time. Many events throughout my life up to this point have led me to believe I have a slight phobia of the water, as well as dark unknown places, so getting washed away in the pitch black ocean in the middle of the night wasn't anything I was going to risk have happen. Anyway, maybe someday I'll grow up and realize monsters don't exist and I'll be able to get the angles I want to get, but until then, these are the results that you are going to get from me.

I was using my 10-22mm lens yet again for this one to try and take in the scene as much as possible, yet even at 10mm (16mm equivalent) I always still find myself trying to go even wider. Maybe stiched panoramas are something I should get into a little heavier. I left the exposure pretty long (20-30sec I think) so the water would just look like mist on the rocks. I like that effect hand have been using it more and more frequently as of late.

Photoshop work on this one was pretty minimal I think.
I deffinately dodged the crap out of the rocks in the foreground so you could see them a little better. What I wouldn't do for a split/grad ND filter... I have been eaning to get a few ND's for a while now, I will probably keep on meaning to get them until next year though. Ir who knows, maybe if I'm a good boy, Santa will bring them to me.

I could have used a split or graduation neutral density filter or even a in this shot to bring down the sky part of the frame, and even out the exposure, but because I didn't have one, I had to expose for the sky and underexpose the foreground & of the water in this shot. You may be thinking to yourself, "Why didn't you just expose for the hilights & expose for the shadows and marry them in a happy little photoshop parish?" I don't really know for sure why I didn't. I guess it's that same train of thought that everybody gets regularly throughout their lifetime, where you aren't really pragmatic, or possibly over pragmatic and you deny any resonable thought and tell yourself that you are satisfied with just one. Same goes when you are in the mall and you find a pair of jeans that fit you so well and they make your butt look great and they are only 10 dollars, so you buy one pair even though there are about 5 more left in your size. You later kick yourself for not breaking the bank and picking up a couple more pairs just in case. And being the humans we are, we will never learn out lesson :lol:

well back on topic I guess, I did pump up the saturation and I changed the hues slightly toward a magenta to make the sky a little more firey. I think that's all I can think of here.

Your basic lighthouse overlooking the water shot, because I was too afraid to get the "extreme" angle...
Thanks for viewing. :D
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